Salesforce Community Basics

1 Salesforce Community Basics

1.1 Salesforce Community Cloud

1.1.1 So You’ve Decided to Set Up a Community

What’s a community? Who knows. But we do know what it comprises:
– Reports & Dashboards
– Users
– Data Sharing
– AppExchange

And, of course, it runs on the Salesforce platform.

1.1.2 What is a Community?

A community is a group of people with a common goal or interest. These people can share information, collaborate, and connect with one another.

For example:

  • Customers and service agents collaborating in a knowledge base
  • Employee can learn about benefits, onboarding, HR issues
  • Generate ideas and test prototypes

Basically, it’s everything for everyone. Always a great business strategy. The words they’re conspicuously leaving out are “social” and “network”. Community Cloud is a social network for Salesforce users.

1.1.3 The Community Cloud Advantage

You can share Salesforce data easily.

1.2 Setting Goals for A community

1.2.1 Your Community’s Audience

  • Figure out specific use cases
    • A community for partner sales: sales reps and partners
    • A community for customer self-service: customers, sales and service reps, other employees
    • A community for employees: employees

1.2.2 Your Community’s Goals

  • Figure out what your community wants to achieve
    • Company wants to
      • Reduce support costs
    • Engage customers
      • Increase loyalty
      • Build brand
      • Cross-sell, upsell
    • Customers want to
      • Contact support
      • Access help
      • Engage with each other
      • Find experts
    • Community will:
      • Resolve support issues
      • Improve knowledge base
      • Give customers access to each other
      • Supply ideas for new products/services

1.2.3 Success Metrics

How do you know if your community is meeting those goals? Choose some metrics. Ta-dah!


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